Digital Signage

Why a Digital Sign?

A digital sign is the best way to get your message across to potential local customers without saying a word. Unlike traditional or "static" signs, a digital sign can continually change message on a predifined schedule. It will allow you to deliver many messages without the hassle of having to take down old signs and put up new ones.

One digital sign in a high traffic area can make a huge difference! You have to admit, digital signs get your attention. For some reason you just can't walk by one without having to stay and see what the next image or message will be. The power of the digital sign is in it's versatility. You can display anything you like; from a single line of text to an entire interactive web page.
OTA Digital  Antenna + DVR

Are you sick of paying those high cable bills?

An OTA digital antenna is the best alternative to get HD television without paying those high monthly bills.
Combine that with a tiny computer that hides behind your TV and you have a powerful DVR that allows you to access your recorded content from anywhere.

Many people shy away from using a digital OTA because they think it won't work well! The cable company wants you to believe that paying upwards of $1,200 a year is the only way to get the kind of tv signal you want and the watching convenience of "On Demand" videos. That is simply not true. HD Digital Television signal is totally FREE! The fact is, you only need a good digital antenna and your television. If you want to record shows as well you need a good internet connection, a digital antenna, a tv tuner, and a computer to handle the DVR. 


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